Emptiness -Not For Music

Belgian experimental band Emptiness returns with the new enigmatic album “Not For Music” proudly produced by Jeordie White aka Twiggy Ramirez from Marylin Manson.

“Meat Heart” features dramatically inspired atmospheric waves followed by cryptic guitar riffs with subtle remnants of old school black metal while everything is inevitably surrounded by a cold mysterious aura.

“Your Skin Won’t Hide You” has some vague shoegaze elements with a darkened ambient mood and scattered dissonant harmonies that might sound discouraging at the very first listening but in reality the main music core holds plenty of comforting decadent melodies.
“Digging The Sky” channels the ethereal nature typical of the shoegaze trend with dominant minimalist arpeggios but the filtered whispered growls evoke a primordial darkness that cannot be easily dismissed. Distorted guitar riffs build a temporary energetic groove followed by more fragile atmospheric passages.

“Let It Fall” has a more aggressive approach that channels subdued black metal roots, electro elements trigger a blast of dissonant and dizzy musicality while dramatic whispered narratives are surrounded by introvert hallucinatory ambiance layers.

With “Not For Music” Emptiness showcases no desire to create music for the masses and successfully concocts an obscure soundscape which might easily leave the listeners fascinated or perplexed.

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