Tim Bowness – Lost In The Ghost Light

Those who are familiar with the successful band No-Man will be excited to know that vocalist/songwriter Tim Bowness is back with a new solo concept album entitled “Lost In The Ghost Light” which lyrically revolves around the memories and reflections of a fictional rock musician in the twilight of his career.

“Worlds Of Yesterday” features luminous atmospheres elegantly rendered with smooth melancholic guitar phrases that hold a pure artistic soul. Tim Bowness focuses on calm precise vocals to accompany a vivid sonic palette filled of graceful keyboards layers.

“Kill The Pain That’s Killing You” delivers an acidic rock rhythm that fluently builds frenetic dynamics with charming guitar audacity while ethereal orchestrations and strings channel a brighter atmosphere.

Focusing on the ethereal atmospheric quality, the title track stands out for the polychromatic dreamy textures created with minimalist keyboards layers and reflective narrative.

“Distant Summers” will conquer all with its magical atmosphere effortlessly crafted by strings and flutes with a meticulous attention for every stylistic detail. With an intense wistful mood filled of exquisite sorrowful vibes this song reaches a spontaneous emotional acme.

Filled with sophisticated orchestral harmonies and an enchanting overdose of nostalgia “Lost In The Ghost Light” has a mellow prog rock soul that would easily attract a wide audience and all music connoisseurs.

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