Ember Falls – Welcome To Ember Falls

Not all Finnish bands are dark and gothic, in fact Ember Falls can even sound rather happy at times due to the electro dancey blasts and the modern trendy riffs that you will hear all over the band’s glamorous debut album “Welcome To Ember Falls”.

“The Cost Of Doing Business” packs a catchy ensemble of variegated metal/rock elements. Electro elements add a trendy vibe, gritty growls/screams deliver a more aggressive punch while clean vocals and polished guitars maintain a widely accessible melodic core.

On “Of Letting Go” the electro layers are particularly dominant and display a 90s style that gives a pleasant retro mood that culminates in a glossy chorus and a crispy clean melodic guitar solo.

“Freedom” is a mellow ballad style tune embellished with melancholic piano and melodic keyboards arrangements filled with the renowned rock romanticism which is also fully expressed by simple melodic guitars and soft vocals.

“Coe” relies on energetic rhythmic gimmicks resulting in an electro rock combo with enraged screams while metallic guitars make only a brief appearance as they tend to disappear in the background.

“One More Time” has a palpable pop soul with super catchy electro beats and scattered yet solid guitar riffs but the rather mellow chorus might not hold the desired groovy strength that instead can be easily found in the crunchy guitar solo.

It seems quite obvious that Ember Falls is trying hard to become famous in a perennial overcrowded music scene, some people will frown hearing a bunch of radio friendly tricks while others might seriously enjoy the cold melancholy, but with some luck “Welcome To Ember Falls” might truly become the gateway to success.

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