The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy

French black metal act The Great Old Ones unleashes the brand new full length “EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy”, a title that perfectly describes the darkened musical depth and Lovecraftian themes explored by the band.

“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” channels the proper amount of nightmarish mood with intense and furiously fast rhythmic section, anger driven growls and tight blackened guitar riffing. Melodic atmospheric layers and monolithic doom influenced guitar work also add a heavily oppressive feeling that will inevitably haunt the listeners.

“When The Stars Align” maintains an aggressively heavy approach as it flows like a classic horror tale carrying the burden of melancholy embedded in the guitar melodies and orchestral arrangements. The guitar riffs become painfully heavy and slow in proper doom fashion and convey darker rhythmic patterns.

“The Ritual” features modern post black asphyxiating elements with thick blistering guitar riffs and enticingly heavy drum work. As the visionary chaos tapers down, inspired melodic guitar leads channel an exquisitely dark emotional palette that feeds off the vibrant atmospheres.

“Mare Infinitum” will immediately stand out for its elegant moody atmospheres with palpable gothic influences as we are entering a gloomy realm of hopeless madness and pale distant lights. Fluid and hypnotic slow guitar passages, dissonant tempo variations and subtly savage drums channel a bleak void that no one can truly avoid as ominous choirs sing a dreadful lullaby.

With “EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy” The Great Old Ones successfully translate macabre storytelling into a gloomy work of music with cold aesthetics and plenty of obscure atmospheric melodies.


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