Immolation – Atonement

Death metal pioneers Immolation reconfirm their undisputed influential status with the new full length “Atonement” which marks the band’s triumphant return delivering an inflamed creative force both relevant and unique in the extreme metal scene.

“The Distorting Light” is certainly a strong opener that sets an asphyxiating mood where absolute desolation reigns. Ross Dolan delivers steady ominous guttural vocals that perfectly match the obscure guitar driven rhythm that shines particularly for the dangerous overdose of blistering riffs and doom oriented melodic licks.

“When The Jackals Come” stands out for the darkly precise and heavy guitar work effortlessly supported by furiously intense drumming. Anguished feelings of desolation saturate the atmosphere as slow and heavy guitar melodies gain the appropriate spotlight.

“Fostering The Divide” packs a series of addictively groovy guitar riffs and while the rhythm might elegantly slow down at times a forlorn ferocity still permeates the song’s theme.

“Lower” conveys an intoxicating realm of darkness where brutal growls and fierce guitar riffs lead the listeners into an obscure musical journey. Robert Vigna delivers a smooth melodic guitar solo that shines for accuracy and deeply darkened tones.

The title track stays true to traditional death metal elements with intense speed and rhythmic audacity that create an endless series of dissonant gloomy spirals further enriched by highly atmospheric and melodic guitar work.

“Epiphany” combines a perennial sinister aura with a crunchy brutal groovy combo of ruthless fast drumming and methodical heavy guitar riffs while Vigna’s guitar solos create a mesmerizing melodic dismal force that cannot be ignored.

Old school death metal fans will immediately rejoice listening to “Atonement” as this album holds a particularly darkened force that deserves full attention and feels like a rightful celebration of Immolation’s music legacy.

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