NOÊTA – Beyond Life And Death

Swedish folk/ambient multi-instrumentalist duo NOÊTA is ready to lure the listeners into a darkly magical sonic realm with the fascinating debut album “Beyond Life And Death”.

“Beyond Life” captures the enigmatic nature of dreams through a loop of obscure dissonant ambiance textures that are stripped of dynamics or easy melodies.

“In Drowning” showcases powerful introspective emotions effortlessly portrayed by simple fragile guitar melodies and loads of subtle ambiance layers that create a cold anxious atmosphere meant to reach a stylish noisy acme.

“Darkest Desires” will stand out immediately for its inner cathartic nature, surrounded by a vintage folk instrumental palette, and the exceptional hypnotic vocals that add a particularly alluring decadent mood.

With minimalist intensely melancholic acoustic arpeggios “In Void” has a pensive soul that doesn’t need flamboyant gimmicks to naturally shine through dark monochromatic nuances as gentle pensive vocals float above atmospheric layers.

“Beyond Life And Death” is a unique collection of gloomy poetic tunes and lovers of dark ambient music will certainly feel drawn to the elusive intriguing soundscape meticulously created by NOÊTA.

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