Black Star Riders – Heavy Fire

Featuring members of iconic rock band Thin Lizzy, supergroup Black Star Riders certainly knows how to write a catchy collection of rock songs. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the latest release “Heavy Fire” comes with a true dirty vintage attitude that can and will attract a wide variegated audience.

The title track relies on inflamed catchiness deeply embedded in a series of retro rock guitar riffs that would sound even more vibrant at a live show. Ricky Warwick on vocals delivers a smooth rocker style performance as the rhythm gains dynamics and momentum with sharper guitar riffing.

“When The Night Comes In” is a memorable catchy rock tune with the additions of soul style choirs. Again the guitar riffs dominate the scene with stylish rock attitude while some guitar leads provide easy classic rock melodies.

“Who Rides The Tiger” keeps alive a genuine retro groove featuring a heavier gritty rock approach that doesn’t need modern special effects to grab attention. The hard rock music core holds an insane dose of healthy energy that is further expressed in the incendiary guitar solos.

“Testify Or Say Goodbye” effortlessly keeps a radio friendly classic rock backbone with catchy drumming and riffing while the guitar leads channel some more mellow almost melancholic melodies.

“Ticket To Rise” delivers another winning ensemble of catchy guitar riffs and an irresistible rhythmic groove. Holding all the beloved and popular elements of classic hard rock, this track shines also for the no frills, yet pleasantly wild, guitar work and the harmonious choirs that naturally enhance the main rhythm.

With “Heavy Fire” Black Star Riders channel a proper rocker style without any hesitation and with that special vintage inspired creative spark that calls for long wild nights or just forgotten golden dreams, but someone might still say that it’s only rock ‘n roll.

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