Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain

Finnish heavy metal act Battle Beast is still young enough to have loads of opportunities to explore the grandiose realm of music but on the newest release “Bringer Of Pain” the band focuses on nostalgic themes recalling some forgotten glorious days of metal.

“Straight To The Heart” is a full blown 80s tune with cheesy keyboards and over polished guitar sound that make everything sound happy and fun. New vocalist Noora Louhimo screams with all her passion and devotion as the rhythm attempts to build a highly energetic groove.

The title track channels some dated classic metal combo of tight simple guitar riffing and mid paced drumming while a pompous power metal aura is emphasized by typical warrior style choirs.

Even if the 80s vibe might sound overwhelming to some listeners, “King For A Day” delivers a catchy rhythmic core with guitar riffs that could have been more dominant and dirtier to benefit the general mood but overall it is a rather entertaining track for nostalgic metal fans.

“Beyond The Burning Skies” has the melodic melancholy of classic metal ballads while Noora Louhimo delivers powerfully sincere vocals over repetitive melodies that recall many other popular power metal songs that we already heard and loved.

“Lost In Wars” is the only song that will truly stand out immediately for the compelling vocal duet with Tomi Joutsen of Amorphis. Also, the metal nostalgia is still present but toned down by a more modern groovy approach with crunchy guitar riffs and an enjoyable smooth melodic core.

Undeniably stuck in the 80s, “Bringer Of Pain” might lack the necessary creative energy to leave an unforgettable mark in the music scene but nostalgic listeners might still find something enjoyable in what Battle Beast is trying to deliver.

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