Kill The Precedent – Some Version Of The Truth

California based band Kill The Precedent has released a wild punk/thrash influenced EP entitled “Some Version Of The Truth” which promises to be a reckless and spontaneous work of music.

“Two way Mirrors” is mosh pit material with abrasive enraged screams and heavy guitar riffing but the guitar leads tend to steal the scene with catchy polished licks.

“Lesser Of Two Evils” adds loads of modern electro tricks to a speed metal influenced rhythm that keeps alive the heavier side of the song while a smooth guitar solo adds a pleasant melodic vibe.

“Irrational Anthem” channels some chaotic punk roots mixed with catchy electro beats to deliver an edgy energetic rhythm spiced up by anger driven harsh vocals.

“A Song For Slit Wrists” features an interesting blend of music genres as a raw guitar driven rhythm is smoothly embellished by heavy industrial elements and a more laid back combo of melodic guitar leads and electro atmospheres.

Referring to themselves as “seven maniacs from Sacramento”, Kill The Precedent works hard to deliver an unpredictable collection of songs and “Some Version Of The Truth” successfully conveys an overdose of fury and savagely caustic rhythms that will have a high impact live on stage.

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