Sinner Sinners – Optimism Disorder

French-American duo Sinner Sinners are ready to release a wild rock punk influenced new album recorded at Rancho de La Luna in Joshua Tree and entitled “Optimism Disorder”. This dynamic full length holds an inner goth soul but is also filled of polychromatic groovy rhythms.

“Last Drop” showcases remarkable post-punk attitude with an inflamed rhythm built by crispy guitar riffs and strong bass lines. A sinister melodic aura is also present and successfully polishes the rough edges to deliver a smooth groove emphasized by harmonious backing vocals.

“California” delivers a rough moody rhythm with wild guitar riffs and savage punk style vocals while the main music core displays also some desert rock accents.

“Hate Yourself” channels disorder and chaos creating an intense groovy rhythm with familiar punk elements and a rather darkened atmosphere amplified by angry vocals and tight guitar riffing.

The cover of “Too Much To Dream” by The Electric Prunes is a super fun song that should be played at every party as it shines for the exquisite vintage guitar style and the surreal trippy mood.

“Preachers” is another raw punk tune that stands out for the high impact rhythmic guitar and keyboards combo and the anxiously catchy chorus.

“Celexa Blues” has a memorable goth mood with irresistible retro crunchy guitars, dizzy rhythm, dreamy keyboards and a compelling flute solo performed by Jesse Hughes of Eagles Of Death Metal.

It’s wonderful to see a married couple passionately involved in the creation of edgy music as these strong sentiments and great chemistry are crucially embedded in the musical themes of “Optimism Disorder” which also happens to be a rather entertaining work of music.

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