Bathsheba – Servus

Fronted by charismatic vocalist Michelle Nocon, Belgian band Bathsheba is ready to release the blackened doom oriented debut album “Servus” which will inevitably attract those who are eternally drawn to obscure music.

“Conjuration Of Fire” features the heavy despair of beloved doom influences as thick guitar riffs support tormented rhythmic blasts. Michelle conquers and dominates with unrivaled mesmerizing vocals that effortlessly convey grim harmonies.

“Ain Soph” has a violently aggressive approach with black metal style punishing drumming and tight guitar riffing. As the enraged tempo slows down leaving behind an asphyxiating mood, Michelle leads the listeners through an uneasy and probably unsafe trance. The powerful presence of a jazzy saxophone might sound unexpected and odd but it turns out to be a flamboyant experimental touch that successfully delivers additional musical depth.

On “Demon 13” monolithic heavy doom guitar riffs deliver ominous sludge grooves and sharply cut through a moody arcane atmosphere while Michelle’s vocals skillfully shift from lascivious chants to witchy/devilish growls.

“I At The End Of Everything” delivers an spellbinding blend of heavy relentless doom guitar riffs and melodic atmospheric vibes that create a savage groove in the midst of a palpable gloomy decadence. Michelle proves to be a dark enchantress par excellence as her melodic chants will hypnotize the listeners while her fierce growls evoke an understated fury.

With “Servus” Bathsheba invites the listeners to join a perilously distorted musical journey and deliver a crushing nightmarish collection of songs that belong to an enchanted realm of darkness.

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