Helén – Helén

Finnish multi-instrumentalist Kimmo Helén returns in the music scene with the self titled solo album “Helén” which features an interesting musical blend that ranges from folk to shoegaze.

“Uusi Olento” offers an understated energetic bass driven rhythm with scattered shoegaze elements that channel soulful atmospheres while the catchy rock chorus is followed by a contrasting melancholic cello.

“Muinainen Muoto” features a fascinating dreamy atmosphere that gracefully surrounds folk style chants and catchy electric guitars melodies.

“Lyijypeto” channels ancient folk roots within a mystical atmosphere where delightful acoustic passages that belong to a forgotten dreamland call for attentive introspection.

“Kaikki isä” is filled with immense melancholy fully expressed in the soothing vocals, the smooth acoustic layers and the harmonious jazzy saxophone solo.

Helén’s solo project might be categorized as an artsy niche effort that successfully crosses the standard music genre boundaries delivering impressive musicianship and genuinely emotive songwriting.

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