Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll

Australian outfit Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard are ready to release the debut album “Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll”  which promises to entertain the audience with wild rock tunes ready for all night long parties.

The opener “Grind The Grinder” shows immediately that the band needs to release loads of energy and the best way to do it must be to pack it all in super gritty guitar riffs. While guitars certainly hold the center stage, the solid hammering rhythmic section and the vicious vocals manage to keep up with the whole wild ride.

“Galactic Motherfucker” has an aggressive fun attitude with crunchy guitars that build a particularly groovy rhythm that calls for jumping and/or stomping and a retro sci-fi mood spices up the enjoyable raw rock theme.

“Love For Speed” delivers some vintage rocker approach that relies mainly on a traditional rock groove full of dirty guitar riffs that lead to an inflamed solo while incredibly raucous vocals deliver a catchy crazy chorus.

The title track packs another blast of genuine energy that feels like riding a motorcycle on dusty roads. Loads of groovy guitar riffs certainly carry a palpable stoner rock influence that would keep the crowd moving at a live show.

“Judas” channels an overdose of classic stoner rock in proper desert mood with plenty of crunchy guitar riffs and raspy screams to keep the dusty groove alive while another compelling guitar solo adds the classic dirty rock sound.

“Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll” literally burns with energy and Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard proves to know some old school rock tricks that can always fuel an explosive collection of fun rocking songs.

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