Nidingr – The High Heat Licks Against Heaven

Black metal lovers are certainly familiar with Norwegian band Nidingr founded by infamous Mayhem’s guitar player/songwriter Teloch. Nidingr makes a triumphant return with the new album “The High Heat Licks Against Heaven” which, as expected, focuses on dominant extreme black metal elements but also offers scattered avant-garde moments.

“Hangaguð” starts with thunderous drumming and furious tight guitar riffing to ensure maximum impact at the very first listening. Besides the wicked approach, melodic guitars come alive to smooth the raw asphyxiating mood and concoct a cold catchy groove.

“The Ballad of Hamther” showcases a particularly ominous vibe with ferocious growls that hold a steady spotlight, nevertheless there is still space for enthralling modern tempo variations and theatrical narratives.

“On Dead Body Shore” features a simply crushing rhythmic section surrounded by an icy cold aura that channels a desolate soundscape while dramatic vocals linger over complex guitar melodies.

“Ash Yggdrasil” features a painfully slow tempo with sinister clean vocals performed by Garm of Ulver while desolation continues to reign supreme as guitars acquire doom and gothic nuances.

A similar enigmatic tormented atmospheric approach can be found on “Heimdalargaldr” which delivers also a more intense primordial blackened sound with heavier guitar riffs.

“Naglfar Is Loosed” stands out as a particularly doom influenced track that leaves behind the extreme fury and instead relies on a heavy and slow tempo enhanced by exquisitely gloomy melodies. An intoxicating gothic melancholy is further intensified by ethereal vocals performed by Amalie Bruun of Myrkur.

Despite the explosive brutality “The High Heat Licks Against Heaven” is not an album meant exclusively for a black metal audience as it contains variegated artsy melodies and ambitious musical depths that can be widely appreciated.

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