Hark – Machinations

British sludge rock band Hark is ready to unleash the sophomore album entitled “Machinations” which promises to deliver a heavily intricate collection of songs.

“Fortune Favours The Insane” immediately showcases great potential channeling a moody desert rock with familiar stoner influences  in the midst of a more aggressive confident guitar riffing.

“Disintegrate” tries to build a powerful groove with prominent heavy guitar riffs but also delivers some melodic themes with slower stoner oriented vibes enhanced by entertaining guitar leads.

“Speak In Tongues” is all about a monolithic guitar driven groove with loads of gritty riffs and a mid paced solid rhythmic section but there is also space for a quite interesting series of guitar leads that carry more melodic elements.

“Comnixant 30” is an instrumental track that stands out for the compelling progressive style variations with luminous melodic guitar work and a rather atmospheric mood that leaves behind the previous heavier rhythms.

The most epic and lengthy track “The Purge” showcases a more experimental approach to spice up the strong sludge rock core focusing on an energetic multifaceted guitar work that will certainly grab the listeners’ attention.

While “Machinations” shines for some remarkable intriguing ideas filled with a generous dose of heavy sludge fueled grooves it would also greatly benefit from a less muddy sound and more diverse song structure.

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