Disperse – Foreword

Among new emerging bands, technical metal quartet Disperse might stand out thanks to the new full length “Foreword” which features a multifaceted mixture of prog/jazzy tunes with some modern pop catchiness.

“Stay” has luminous atmospheric approach before introducing a kaleidoscopic array of complex prog influenced guitar work and syncopated rhythm that never feel overwhelming as all instruments effortlessly blend within easier melodic themes.  “Surrender” showcases enthralling technical prowess, especially in the majestic guitar work, with interesting tempo variations and impressively rich prog textures without compromising the song’s positive melodic energy.

On “Bubbles” the band combines dreamy atmospheres and a generous dose of odd-time signatures while shifting from peaceful harmonies to heavier guitar driven rhythms.

“Tomorrow” delivers remarkable prog oriented guitar work with a stronger crunchy approach that reaches a serious acme with faster precise riffing towards the end of the song.

“Sleeping Ivy” features surreal electro infused atmospheric layers embellished by intricate melodic guitar passages and soft vocals that always evoke a brighter mood.

“Gabriel” stands out for the intriguing jazz oriented guitar work that tends to hold the spotlight surrounded by delicate dreamlike atmospheres.

Overall, Disperse demonstrates a fascinating creative force that deserves legit appreciation and “Foreword” is a confident work of music characterized by compelling attention for stylish details.

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