Vangough – Warpaint

American progressive metal band Vangough has released a brand new full length entitled “Warpaint” which aims to leave a mark in the chaotic music scene focusing on intriguing and emotional songwriting as well as variegated instrumental styles.

“Morphine” combines calm emotional melodies and vocals with more powerful prog oriented dynamics especially expressed in the eclectic lead guitar work. The whole song is infused with dramatic vibes but features also some unexpected fierce growls.

“The Suffering” showcases a particularly crunchy rhythmic backbone with sleek bass lines and solid drumming. Emotionally charged vocals follow nice harmonious passages within a somber moody theme but also display more aggressive tones that match the tight guitar riffing.

“Knell” revolves around a grandiose melancholy with clean soft vocals and minimalist guitar melodies. As the rhythm gains a heavier momentum, vocals and guitar melodies acquire a cold sense of desperate desolation.

“Black Rabbit” stands out for the compelling prog oriented instrumental work that takes a dominant role with subtle technical accents and dynamic style variations in the midst of a gloomy introvert atmosphere enhanced by dreamy arpeggios.

“Warpaint” might not be an astonishing perfect album nevertheless Vangough shows remarkable potential and consistent interesting ideas resulting in an enjoyable collection of songs that might attract a wider audience.

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