Benighted – Necrobreed

French death metal grinders Benighted are ready to unleash their latest and most confident brutal effort “Necrobreed” filled with furiously punishing fast songs.

“Reptilian” packs a straightforward explosive array of anger driven guitar riffs well supported and amplified by a super tight bass & drums combo and venomous growls.

Featuring guest vocalist Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, “Forgive Me Father” stands out for the vicious blackened guitar driven sonic assault with a breathless fast rhythm that occasionally slows down with catchy dark accents.

The title track features loads of traditional death metal elements with powerful guttural vocals and acute ravenous screams in the midst of a constant plummeting asphyxiating pace.

“Monsters Make Monsters” brings a diverse scenario with a more atmospheric approach and some style and tempo variations that convey a primordial blackened mood ultimately leading to unexpected melodic piano passages.

“Reeks Of Darkened Zoopsia” delivers another relentless crescendo of crunchy guitar riffs while the overall mood acquires a sinister aura further enhanced by savage vocals.

“Mass Grave” is filled of intense traditional death/grind guitar riffing and once again the hammering rhythmic section reaches incredible speed while, towards the end of the song, particularly blackened guitar driven variations and dramatically tormented screams take the center stage.

Yes, Benighted successfully demonstrates to fully comprehend and express the concept of extreme metal but also takes time to feature scattered interesting melodic accents and “Necrobreed” might not be the most diverse or eclectic album as it mostly stays true to a brutal galore that calls for wild headbanging and moshpit.

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