Royal Thunder – Wick

With the newest full length “Wick” Atlanta based rockers Royal Thunder choose a rather melancholic pathway with deeply poignant songwriting and dynamic multifaceted rock soundscapes.

“Burning Tree” has a charismatic psychedelic retro rock soul skillfully amplified by variegated gloomy melodic guitars and inflamed vocals in the midst of a heartbreaking yet catchy groove.

“April Showers” sounds rather dramatic and moody with borderline rock ballad mellow guitar harmonies and crispy melodic solo. Mlny Parsonz delivers an exquisitely tormented performance with unrestrained abrasive and gritty vocals that tend to steal the scene cutting through the softer melodic layers.

“The Sinking Chair” still features a somber mood but delivers an edgy heavier rocking groove full of classic/vintage accents with galloping distorted riffs and a delightful guitar solo while Mlny’s harsh screams carry an additional dose of fierce rock attitude.

The title track features the hazy power of unfulfilled dreams and desires with loads of acidic hard rock and bluesy accents within compelling melodic guitars that lead the way through a cathartic musical journey while Mlny delivers utterly sincere vocals.

“Push” holds a genuine scarred beauty but it cannot be simply categorized as a rock ballad even if the soft orchestration and the mellow rhythm play a dominant role. The subtle raw energy embedded in the sludgy rock guitar riffs and the melancholy infused harmonies are further enhanced by Mlny’s bittersweet vocals that also never fail to add a raspy true rocker stance.

“Turnaround” packs a harder ensemble of guitar riffs that successfully create a majestic soaring groove which might owe extra crucial strength to Mlny’s confident raw and emotive vocal performance that shines particularly in the addictive chorus.

Contrary to popular beliefs music doesn’t always need to be ferociously heavy or must contain breakneck speed rhythms to leave a profound mark in fact the strength of “Wick” resides in a winning combo of eclectic melodies and authentic emotions that will easily conquer the listener’s heart.

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