Anchored – Beneath The Surface

American rockers Anchored have released a brand new explosive full length entitled “Beneath The Surface” packing loads of catchy melodies with a charismatic southern rock soul.

“The Show” features traditional rock themes with the right dose of melodic riffing and smooth fancy guitar solos while the radio friendly chorus would certainly make the crowd sing along at live shows.

“Fate” follows a similar catchy musical pathway but holds a more acidic wild mood with strong rhythmic crescendo and blazing guitar work full of licks and shreds.

“Blackout” offers a mellower melodic core with scattered melancholic accents and dominant solid guitar riffs while an elegant guitar solo inevitably takes the spotlight.

“Shots ‘n Cookies” is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the album with a super catchy chorus and a simply irresistible southern rock sound that would easily get a party started as guitar riffs never fail to create a highly entertaining mood.

“Bar Fight” packs a more aggressive groovy rock punch delivering another round of inflamed guitar riffs that reach a spontaneous acme with an enjoyable solo while wilder vocals and screams are performed in proper rocker fashion.

Featuring famous rapper Snoop Dogg “Throwin’ Down” might sound like a strange mix with a southern rock guitar riffing galore and, obviously, some super fun rap incursions but somehow nothing feels out of place in the drinking moonshine party/outdoor festival vibe.

“Beneath The Surface” certainly leans toward the comfort zone of mainstream rock category maintaining a strong melodic core accessible to a wide audience, nevertheless with rather entertaining songwriting Anchored deliver a solid collection of rocking groovy songs.

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