Black Mirrors – Funky Queen

With the debut EP “Funky Queen” emerging Belgian rockers Black Mirrors are ready to take the listeners on a wild rock ‘n roll ride spiced up by intriguing funky rhythms.

The title track shines for the sharp vocals layered over a super catchy groove with palpable retro rock vibes as classic rock influenced guitar riffs hold a steady entertaining rhythm.

On “The Mess” Black Mirrors effortlessly nail that exquisite vintage rocker style with a fuzzy flavor, super catchy traditional crispy guitar melodies and impressive raw emotional vocals.

“Canard Vengeur Masqué” is infused with a more somber atmosphere as the rhythm slows down to focus on vibrant bass lines and a generous round of stoner rock oriented guitar riffs further embellished by smooth slow-burning guitar leads.

Containing only four lovely songs “Funky Queen” is a promising musical effort that will trigger curiosity about what Black Mirrors has in mind for the next sonic endeavor.

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