Obituary – Obituary

Legendary Floridian death metal band Obituary fiercely confirms the band’s influential status with an aggressively guitar driven self titled new album recorded at their home studio in Tampa.

“Brave” immediately sets a furious mood with unrestrained drumming and guitar riffing that create a no frills death metal anthem amplified by John Tardy’s infamous venomous growls.

“Kneel Before Me” focuses on more refined music themes where guitar leads acquire a dominant role to add a bit of diversity with interesting nightmarish accents.

“Betrayed” is an enraged tune with loads of familiar death metal antics embedded in high impact rhythmic dynamics while the guitar solo skillfully adds brighter melodic tones.

“Turned To Stone” brings a more somber and darkened groove with slower doom nuances and a rather enjoyable intricate guitar solo.

“Straight To Hell” begins with a massive gritty old school rhythm that later evolves into a slower cathartic doom oriented section with exquisitely darkened guitar melodies and solo.

In the end, with few exceptions, Obituary decides to play within the safe boundaries of that classic death metal which is still a crucial part of the band’s musical legacy and this new release remains a solid effort even if it will not shock the audience with memorable innovations.

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