Emmure – Look At Yourself

With a revamped line up and high hopes for a brilliant future Emmure returns with the new full length “Look At Yourself” which aims to deliver a consistent bombastic metalcore oriented collection of (short) songs.

“You Asked For It” immediately carries a plummeting sonic anger with evident nu metal elements and ends up being a brief borderline brutal album introduction.

“Shinjuku Masterlord” simply focuses on angry vocals/rapping and matching angry guitar riffing.

“Smokey” continues to unleash exaggerated fury and doesn’t really deviate from the guitar riffing scheme except for some noisy background effects.

“Russian Hotel Aftermath” is another angry anthem with confrontational vocals and dissonant guitar driven rhythm but there is a chance to find scattered melodies in the chaos.

“Call Me Ninib” is certainly fun and heavy with anger driven rhythmic dynamics amplified by savage screams/growls over modern electro layers.

“Torch” surprises with subtle modern melodies and a less chaotic rhythmic core that borrows some familiar nu metal themes.

Overall, Emmure manages to deliver entertaining heavy groove but while trying hard to channel fury and anger at times “Look At Yourself” lacks musical diversity and cohesive artistic identity.

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