Memoriam – For The Fallen

Memoriam might be a new name in the death metal scene but many are certainly familiar with the band’s members Karl Willets and Andy Whale of iconic act Bolt Thrower. Memoriam has proudly released the highly anticipated debut album titled “For The Fallen” which features the expected inflamed guitar riffs galore in proper old school death metal style.

“Memoriam” feels particularly somber and solemn as slower crunchy guitar riffs showcase prominent dark accents that create a suspenseful atmosphere.

“War Rages On” leans toward a harsh death metal core with a taste for furious rhythms but the guitar work still holds a compelling dosage of darkened harmonies.

“Reduced To Zero” features a doom style sinister mood with plenty of super gloomy guitar melodies that naturally gain a more aggressive steady momentum amplified by thunderous drumming and old school guttural vocals.

Moshpit friendly tune “Surrounded (By Death)” runs on a solid combo of enraged guitar riffing and relentless savage rhythm that unleashes a traditional brutal assault without the need for constant extreme speed.

“Last Words” is the most epic track of the album with dense ominous vibes and an overpowering sense of desolation while guitars effortlessly shift from pensive darkened slower melodies to more energetic riffing.

“For The Fallen” contains all the right elements to become a pleasant listening for death metal fans and Memoriam delivers additional sonic variety with scattered tormented melodies.

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