Davey Suicide – Made From Fire

Industrial rockers Davey Suicide proudly return with the brand new full length “Made From Fire”, a charismatic collection of groovy tunes that feel like a strong declaration of intent and will to rise from the ashes.

“Rise Above” holds dear many renowned industrial elements and, like the majority of the album, bears the influence of early Marilyn Manson’s style. Davey Suicide focuses on crunchy guitar riffs and electro accents to create a slightly heavy catchy rhythm naturally amplified by borderline rebellious vocal deliveries and choruses.

“Dancing With The Reaper” features another round of catchy choruses and rhythm embellished with both eerie and futuristic electro accent.

“No Angel” mellows down with slower dramatic electro moments, traditionally melodic guitar solo and an emotionally charged radio friendly chorus.

“Too Many Freaks” is a fun hit song that would certainly appeal to a rebellious young crowd. Besides the super groovy danceable rhythm this song gains variety with the addition of Twiztid’s hip hop performance.

Featuring William Control, “Paralyzed” successfully combines softer electro melodies and darker rock melancholic nuances while focusing on highly passionate vocals.

The title track brings back some loud energy with industrial oriented raw guitar riffs but also delivers melodic vibes particularly palpable in the polished guitar solo.

We have already enjoyed multiple incarnations of alt/industrial rock and “Made From Fire” might not deliver extremely complex songwriting or astonishing music innovations but Davey Suicide proves to be capable of creating a cohesive trendy album full of hooks and entertaining grooves.

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