Saule – Saule

Polish emerging band Saule aims to craft dreamy music with post-rock and post-metal themes that are certainly prominent in the self titled debut album.

“I” blends the natural beauty of minimalist guitar melodies and black metal oriented rhythms surrounded by delicate ambient soundscapes.

“III” is infused with surreal and utterly melancholic atmospheres perfectly expressed in the melodic guitars passages that continue to hold dreamlike nuances even while gaining rhythmic speed.

“V” shines for the fragile atmospheric arrangements and the heartfelt melodies that spontaneously gain rhythmic crescendo with fierce stylish distortions.

“VI” offers a visionary multifaceted music style with distant ambient echoes, solemn blackened guitar riffs and shimmering softer melodies.

Overall, Saule delivers an interesting, at times introvert in proper shoegaze fashion, debut album which might have scattered rough edges but showcases a genuine passion for music and artsy details.

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