Alchimia – Musa

Young musician Emanuele Tito has created the multifaceted project Alchimia and is ready to release the debut album “Musa” which aims to blend gothic metal elements and the warmth of Mediterranean music.

“Orizzonte” feels calm and relaxing focusing on graceful subtle melodies and nostalgic echoes that soon evolve into a somber darkened distorted piece amplified by tormented growls.

“Exsurge Et Vive (Alchemical Door)” explores darker metal roots with crunchy ominous guitar riffs bearing a ritualistic feel just like Rotting Christ’s recent work, so this track shines for intensity but not for originality.

“My Own Sea (Fading)” channels the sadness and melancholy of iconic bands such as Katatonia and Anathema. While the pensive acoustic guitar phrases are absolutely pleasant the music themes do not hold enough maturity and individual uniqueness.

With a poetic mood “Waltz Of The Sea” delivers immense melancholy with balanced melodic acoustic and electric passages that also showcase additional elegant folk accents.

“Memory (Assenza)” focuses on old school gothic metal guitar riffs and slow somber rhythms that always evoke gloomy atmospheres.

In terms of songwriting and music style “Musa” doesn’t really follow a specific pathway as it tends to fluctuate from random heavier doom influences to ultra melancholic atmospheres nevertheless with Alchimia Emanuele Tito demonstrates promising creative passion.

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