Les Discrets – Prédateurs

French dark band Les Discrets is well known in the shoegaze scene, also because founder Fursy Teyssier has worked with Alcest and Amesoeurs, and the brand new album “Prédateurs” offers accessible gentle melodies adorned by subtle darkened atmospheres and electronic accents.

“Virée Nocturne” delivers introspective depth with particularly darkened mesmerizing atmospheric layers and minimalist sentimental guitar melodies.

“Les Amis De Minuit” follows similar themes as elegant atmospheres dominate the song’s structure while vibrant melodic guitars channel comforting upbeat hopefulness.

“Fleur Des Murailles” features soft emotive vocals and rich ambiance textures with trip-hop elements that build hazy surreal harmonies.

“Le Reproche” has plenty of enchanting guitar melodies but also a more confident darker metallic approach with the right dose of fragile distortion and exquisite bohemienne poetic atmospheres.

“Les Jours D’Or” continues to channel refined poetic vibes drenched in a dark melancholic realm where graceful guitar melodies and whispered vocals evoke a monochromatic nostalgia.

Immersed in a perennial dreamlike state “Prédateurs” might not be the most memorable release but successfully combines few beloved elements of post-rock/shoegaze with an elegant taste for experimentation and cinematic soundscapes.


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