Valborg – Endstrand

Hard to categorize, Valborg self describe their music style as German metal monster and the newest full length album “Endstrand” is packed with raw energetic grooves and apocalyptic themes.

“Blut Am Eisen” offers a loud powerful ensemble of high impact guitar riffing with groovy industrial elements and harsh vocals.

“Orbitalwaffe” feels more introspective and dark with gothic infused slower simple guitar phrases but features also more aggressive riffing dynamics with gritty industrial sections.

“Beerdigungsmachine” is raw and metallic with a dense rhythmic assault amplified by heavy galloping guitar riffs and balanced by slower doom melodic segments.

“Bunkerluft” is filled with dreamy melancholic guitar melodies and holds a charismatic darkened soul amplified by ominous vocals that channel the immense obscure sound of classic Celtic Frost.

“Geisterwürde” features gothic/doom atmospheric themes with pensive and moody arpeggios that gradually evolve into heavier fierce guitar driven grooves.

With an overload of darkened nuances “Plasmabrand” might be the most interesting track on this album. Sophisticated doom influenced guitar melodies and steady heavier riffs evoke distorted desolate atmospheres and enhance dystopian vibes.

“Endstrand” mainly revolves around crunchy aggressive guitar driven rhythms that call for savage stomping but Valborg also manages to deliver nightmarish soundscapes with occasional gothic and doom accents.

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