Volker – Dead Doll

Young emerging French band Volker might have a chance to impress the music scene with the new album “Dead Doll” which delivers a promising melodic catchy music style heavily influenced by 90’s grunge rock and horror punk.

“Freaky Bride” is filled with dirty & gritty grooves enhanced by rebellious punk/metal guitar driven rhythms and a touch of macabre vibes particularly expressed in the moody guitar melodies.

“Obey!” continues to revolve around engaging wild punk rock guitar dynamics while raw diverse vocal deliveries add addictively catchy vibes.

“Suicide Love Addict” explores catchy melodic territories and dark romance themes without sacrificing the inner wild rock nature always present in the cascading guitar riffs and enraged vocals.

“Yell” features subtle decadent melodic passages enhanced by seductive vocals and gloomy atmospheres that surround a crescendo of darkened textured guitars.

“Voodoo Baby” focuses on gothic & horror themes with amplified ghoulish cinematic accents, feverish guitar riffs and angered punk rock style vocals also feels quite dominant.

“Raven” is all about endless darkness and inspired haunting guitar melodies while vocals and rhythmic sections deliver an overdose of borderline blackened primal fury.

Volker are certainly very motivated and passionate about music and “Dead Doll” is an entertaining diverse collection of songs spiced up with a turbulent dosage of girl power.

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