Hell Or Highwater – Vista

Featuring Atreyu’s drummer Brandon Saller as vocalist/songwriter hard rockers Hell Or Highwater have released the sophomore album “Vista” filled with bombastic rhythms as well as loads of soothing melodies.

“Colors” is full of positive vibes with heavy rock crunchy guitar riffing and powerful vocals but the easy melodic core tends to dominate the whole song with a radio friendly approach.

“Another Good Time” feels almost somber with solid bass lines, raw guitar riffs and fuzzy guitar solo but soon acquires plenty of extremely melodic vibes.

“Lighter Than Air” has a southern rock warmth flowing through the classic guitar melodies well supported by moody smooth vocals and rather catchy rhythmic sections that are easy to remember.

“Don’t Stop. Get Up” revolves around groovy guitar riffs that showcase some degree of diversity and hold vibrant hard rock elements but the chorus and the choir return to the designated radio friendly recipe.

“Dame” showcases intriguing variegated music themes with bluesy inspiration noticeable in the super groovy rhythm and the highly enjoyable lead guitar work.

“Revolution” features mellow melodies and nostalgic atmospheres leading to a catchy chorus and pleasant classic rock guitar leads.

“Vista” can be explosive or emotive in rock ballad style and certainly feels like a well executed cohesive work of music but not incredibly unique.

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