Ulsect – Ulsect

Featuring members of extreme metallers Dodecahedron and progressive band Textures Ulsect is ready to debut in the metal scene with the eponymous first full length, a rather mature album characterized by post death metal roots and intense dissonant patterns.

“Fall To Depravity” holds ominous power as the band embarks on a dissonant journey where sinister melodies and desolate atmospheres take the spotlight. The guitar work will certainly trigger interest as it constantly shifts from cascading heavy riffing to slow and depressing melodic twists.

“Our Trivial Toil” features loads of technical details showcasing a prowess that cannot go unnoticed and intense gloomy melodies create underlying tapestry with solemn passages breaking through the apparent chaotic soundscape.

“The Endling” offers omnipresent darkened aesthetics mixed with moments of raw primordial fury as Ulsect continues to experiment in the darkest realms of metal. The sinister aura feels even more palpable in the slower breakdown with dissonant eclectic guitar melodies that momentarily take over the blackened fast rhythm.

On “Maunder” the avant-garde approach contributes to craft a more unique sound. Echoes of a foreordained fury are still present without sacrificing clean melodic lines and vulnerable dark nuances are embedded in the intricate guitar melodies that channel a distant symbol of beauty that should not be forgotten.

Ulsect delivers a fierce work of music filled with uneasy and complex sonic themes that might appeal mainly to a limited audience.

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