Exist – So True, So Bound

Fronted by Max Phelps, touring member of Cynic and Defeated Sanity, Maryland based technical death metal band Exist has released a captivating complex album “So True, So Bound” which will immediately stand out for the mature progressive music approach.

“Take My Picture” certainly has an experimental yet highly melodic soul with charismatic jazzy & prog oriented guitar leads that often and rightfully steal the spotlight but features also a series of chunky aggressive riffing patterns.

“So True – Imitation’s Flattery” amplifies the melodic aspects with soothing almost uplifting clean vocals nevertheless there is a constant use of crunchy guitar riffs that add a solid death metal backbone while lead guitars relentlessly create multidimensional harmonies.
“So Bound – One of the Herd” offers intricate rhythmic tapestries, often with punishing tempo variations, and certainly guitars continue to surprise the listeners with enigmatic technical prowess and surreal melodies.
Featuring ex Death guitarist Bobby Koelble “To Sever the Strings” is a lengthy multifaceted track that fearlessly delivers another round of spacey music experimentations that blend heavier death metal elements with several brutal momentums and lighter melodic themes.

With enhanced progressive compositions “Fault’s Peaks” shines for the strong bass lines and intricate guitar work that often channels cathartic atmospheric and emotional scenarios.

Featuring experienced musicians Exist might still be considered a young emerging band but “So True, So Bound” showcases talented musicianship and terrific instrumental acrobatics.

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