Pristine – Ninja

Norwegian rock band Pristine is ready to release the latest effort “Ninja” which aims to conquer new fans worldwide with an explosive vintage rock groove.

“You Are The One” has what it takes to become a hit. Besides the catchy melodic core and the seriously passionate vocals, the highlights will be found in the funky rhythmic sections and the trippy ‘70s influenced guitars & organ combo.

“Sophia” amplifies further the funky bass lines and vocalist Heidi Solheim continues to impress with an intense performance while organ and guitars will lead the listeners through a spacey nostalgic trip.

“The Rebel Song” is on fire with upbeat rhythm, irresistible vintage rock raw grooves and the wild retro melodic guitar and organ soloing deserves the listeners’ full attention.

“The Parade” sounds like a rock summer festival anthem with a love & peace mood, loads of pleasant melodies and exquisite retro rock vibes deeply embedded in the guitar work and organ layers.

The title track immediately offers a healthy dosage of psychedelic melodic phrases courtesy of the true vintage organ sound that dominates the entire song and the guitars are absolutely capable to follow such nostalgic groovy trip.

Certainly “Ninja” owes part of its strength to vocalist Heidi’s soulful performance and the whole band is obviously working hard to improve songwriting skills and achieve a distinct mature sound.

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