Beastmaker – Inside The Skull

Beastmaker might be considered an emerging band but with the new full-length “Inside The Skull” the band is eager to show a mature sound spiced up with a macabre mood and intense psychedelic momentum.

“Evil One” opens the album channeling the particular vintage doom soundscape that will have a dominant role throughout the rest of the album, also horror themes and a general darkened mood influence the intriguing guitar melodies.

Besides the obvious lycanthropic atmosphere “Now Howls The Beast” features heavy traditional doom guitar riffs and more mellow yet quite sinister and cathartic melodic passages embellished by guest vocalist Johanna Sadonis from Lucifer. Johanna also offers her spellbinding voice on the track “Heaven To Hell” characterized by slow burning doom guitar riffs and hazy retro rock melodies.

“Of Gods Creation” stands out for the psychedelic accents and hypnotizing guitar solos that just cannot be ignored while the weight of the cascading doom guitar riffs will make you feel dizzy.

“Nature Of The Damned” feels absolutely trippy with enhanced retro mood embedded in the tasteful doom riffs that later gain a blast of higher energy to deliver wild entertaining grooves.

In true doom revival fashion the title track has a raw natural guitar sound that promises a continuous heavy rhythm as lead guitars acquire additional energetic groovy dynamics.

Those who are craving an overdose of darkened retro psychedelic doom will find a lot to love on “Inside The Skull” and even if in terms of songwriting there are few dull moments Beastmaker has definitely achieved an incredibly monolithic sound.

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