Tuesday The Sky – Drift

The new project Tuesday The Sky started when Jim Matheos of progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning felt that a bonus track didn’t fit the band’s music style. Working further on that particular song’s approach Matheos felt the desire to continue to explore and experiment with atmospheric instrumental music leading to the creation of the album “Drift”.

“Today The Sky” has a pure crystalline range of sounds with kaleidoscopic melodic guitar layers, prog oriented guitar soloing and an overall serene atmosphere.

“Vortex Street” has a surreal ambient mood further enhanced by graceful ethereal vocals and textured harmonies that channel a warm sense of inner peace.

Featuring guest keyboardist Kevin Moore “It Comes In Waves” has more prominent prog metal elements with loads of compelling guitar melodies surrounded by soothing ambient layers.

“Westerlies” feels quiet and nostalgic with introspective atmospheres, delicate vocals and a series of smooth inspired guitar melodies.

The title track has spacey electro tinged feelings with intricate yet quite accessible keyboards arrangements and a relaxed mood.

Since Matheos is an experienced and successful musician “Drift” is not your average debut album and its creative ambient/electronica style will certainly surprise the audience.

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