Limbonic Art – Spectre Abysm

After seven years, Limbonic Art returns, essentially as Daemon’s solo project, with the full length “Spectre Abysm” which promises to unleash a solemn raw black metal assault.

“Ethereal Traveller” is dominated by an endless inescapable shroud of darkness, next to the raw brutal black metal core loads of theatrical overly dramatic chants and atmospheres must be fueled and inspired by darkened nightmares.

“Omega Doom” is breathless like drowning in a spiritual black hole as blackened guitar riffs feel unstoppable and hopeless while a black symphonic aura reminds that we are all destined to suffer and decay.

Channeling obscure and diabolical rituals “Disciplina Arcani” might feel impossibly cold and bleak with profoundly mystical atmospheres and ominous whispers that soon acquire plenty of dismal rhythmic urgency as guitar riffs accelerate to reach the nearest abyss.

“Through The Vast Profundity Obscure” fills the air with more ritualistic vibes finely expressed in a guitar riffing inflamed rampage that never fails to concoct a sonic maelstrom surrounded by omnipresent darkness.

Nothing feels extraordinarily innovative on “Spectre Abysm” but it must be noted that Limbonic Art fiercely delivers a properly majestic black metal effort and a ferociously chaotic vortex.

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