Peer Günt interview

Ph. Pekka Qvist

Peer Günt is one of the most long-lived band from Finland, since 1976 their rock music filled with blues is the soundtrack for many rockers.
Timo Nikki is the only original member, the line-up has changed a lot in this long time, Pete Pohjanniemi and Sakke Koivula have joined the band in 2006.
We had the opportunity to interview with them before their show at Porispere.

-Hey guys, How are you doing?
We are fine, thank you for asking.

-You’re one of the most longest band from Finland, in fact you’ve started back in 1976, how has been your music journey so far?
I don’t know, I could say long and same shit every weekend (ed. laughs).
It’s routine for us but we have fun.

Ph.Harri Hinkka

-Can I ask why did you choose Peer Gün as name?
I was young, despered and I needed money…actually it’s hard too remember, it’s been so long time ago.
It was the choose of another one, it’s from a flower, peer gynt is a varieties of roses.
It was a good idea then and we don’t need to change it anymore because everybody know us with this name.

-It’s been a while since the release of your last studio-album, are you working on a new one?
Everyday somehow we are working on new material but we are slow. We don’t have hurry because we haven’t still played live all the songs from previous ones.


-Today you’re playing at Porispere, what do you expect from this show?
Nothing in particular, let’s just hope it’s not gonna rain, for us it’s routine and we are gonna have fun.


-Looking to the rock/metal scene nowday, do you have any favourite band?
I’m gonna say Danko Jones but of course there’s a lot of good bands out there.

-We have done with this interview, would you like to say something to your fans?
Better like us or fuck off! (ed. laughs).


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