Septicflesh – Codex Omega

Greek orchestral extreme metal icons Septicflesh continue to impress the audience with the majestic new release “Codex Omega”. Like Titans marching through a world of ruins, Septicflesh doesn’t refrain from creating impossibly heavy technical music but also focuses on magnificent orchestrations that always provide an ancestral epic feel throughout “Codex Omega”.

The precise eclectic composition is immediately striking on the opener “Dante’s Inferno” where classical triumphant orchestrations introduce a rather savage ensemble of thick guitar riffs and punishing drum blasts. Incredibly vicious growls match the heavy guitar driven fury while flamboyant symphonic layers and softer melodic guitars evoke a mystical atmosphere.

“Portrait Of A Headless Man” channels plenty of ominous atmospheres with terrific grave orchestral compositions that hold a seminal role here as on the whole album while in contrast the rhythmic guitar driven core can be particularly fast and diabolically fierce.

Surrounded by otherworldly strings “Enemy Of The Truth” destroys and conquers with audacious heavy guitar riffs and acquires higher dramatic vibes with memorable avant-garde symphonic arrangements and solemn operatic choirs.

“Dark Art” cannot go unnoticed with its inner palpable occult/spiritual mood clearly expressed by symphonic orchestrations that evoke an immense darkness constantly enhanced by somber yet catchy clean vocals and enchanting melodic guitar work with a sensational crispy sound.

Surrounded by subtle symphonic layers “Our Church Below The Sea” continues to blend relentless thunderous guitar riffs but also less intimidating harmonies that become quite catchy in the chorus featuring dazzling clean vocals.

“Faceless Queen” features another round of compelling majestic orchestrations that conjure a darkened eerie mood especially enhanced by sumptuous strings. The rhythmic core remains absolutely heavy with untamable ferocious riffing & drumming but everything feels even more magnificent when slower tempo and melodic guitars take the lead delivering haunting melancholy.

Far from being your average death metal record, “Codex Omega” can unleash the expected chaotic sonic assault but definitely explores diverse music territories to create a more unique obscure collection of songs.

Those who fell in love with the classical symphonic aspect of Septicflesh’s music will be delighted to find that the CD and vinyl LP come with an extra disc comprised of three orchestral tracks featuring the Filharmonic Orchestra of Prague.

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