Foscor – Les Irreals Visions

“Les Irreals Visions” is the poetic title of the new full length by Spanish band Foscor. The album elegantly blends darkened progressive metal nuances and inspired atmospheres that always evoke a dreamlike state and cathartic soundscapes.

A profound melancholia pervades “Instants” as dark minimalist guitar melodies flow like dreamy waves but eventually gain moody energy and some instrumental sections evoke pale distant lights.

“Ciutat Tragica” feels more energetic with a faster rhythm, a series of tight guitar riffs and acidic reverb but the overall atmosphere still channels blurry dreams that acquire a sense of pure nostalgia with simple piano melodies in the song’s finale.

“Espectres Al Cau” features a post-black/shoegaze spirit as soft hazy guitar melodies lead the way through desolate landscapes and rich atmospheric arrangements but there are also scattered heavier instrumental passages.

The introspective title track amplifies the shoegaze elements with graceful distant reverb and minimalist guitar melodies that here hold particularly sorrowful tones while the vocals express fragile emotions.

“Traces Morbides” closes the album with stylish melodic fluidity provided by vivid guitar melodies that often acquire an extra gritty edge while the atmospheric vibes provide peaceful harmonious textures.

With “Les Irreals Visions” Foscor sincerely depicts an ethereal realm of kaleidoscopic melodies and avant-garde heavier moments dwelling in a limbo between absolute darkness and luminous dreams.

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