Logical Terror – Ashes Of Fate

Logical Terror is a modern metalcore band from Italy, after the debut album “Almost Human”, in 2016 they released “Ashes Of Fate”.

The album is the proof that even in Italy there are great bands.
“10000 Falls” open the door of an explosive series of tracks, guitar assaults like hungry blade on the solid rhythmic part and the double voices create that contrast that catches the listener.

In “The World Was Mine” we can find the contribution of Bjorn “Speed” Strid from Soliwork.
With “Shattered Crown” the sound became softer but it goes to change with the killer “Ashes Of Fate” featuring Jon Howard from Threat Signal.

We can find a great melodic construct in “The Long Descent” that can be defined as the best track of this album.
The closure is up to “Coming Undone” the most soft track in the album.

What can we say? This is abssolutly an amazing job! We know the band is going to release soon a new album so we’re waiting for another masterpice!

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