Proliferhate – In No Man’s Memory

Proliferhate is a progressive death metal band from Turin in Italy, their debut album “In No Man’s Memory” has been released on December 2015 via RMN Music.

The album contains 8 tracks in which the band shows its potential.
Everything starts with the track number 1 “Apologia di un Povero Diavolo pt.1”, and even if the title is in Italian the lyrics are in English, the song is almost 10 minutes long but it does not bother, actually it’s a pleasure listening this track.

Incredible is the mastery of rythm change and musical typology like in “Ashland” where the break in the middle of the song gives that something more.
“In No Man’s Memory” is an instrumental track, pretty soft, with a lot of technicism inside.

All the songs follow that line that we can capture from the first track; melancholy, restlessness and dark atmosphere are the keys of this album.
The instrumental part is charming and the capacity of handle the voice between growl and clean makes it great.

The album is very technical and well-recorded, nothing disappoints , Proliferhate did an amazing job.
We have to keep our eyes open on this band to see what the future will bring.

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