Varg – Götterdämmerung

They might sound like pagan metal but German metallers Varg prefer to call it ‘wolf metal’. Regardless of music categories the latest EP “Götterdämmerung” blends various music influences to deliver four fierce yet quite melodic tracks.

The title track offers an epic crescendo of fiery guitar riffs that channel a strong Nordic flavor while the rhythm feels bold but never exaggeratedly fast in order to give space to more mellow darkened melodic moments.

“Hel” maintains a triumphant mood emphasizing the ‘ready for battle’ scenario with blistering guitar riffs and ravenous growls but also offers compelling softer pagan metal style melodies that feel like a celebration of the empowering beautiful wilderness.

“Knochenpfad” is the darkest track with hypnotic ominous atmospheres and creepy narratives but soon acquires a heavier rhythmic core as well as vibrant cold melancholic melo-death oriented guitars.

While waiting for the next full length Varg’s devotees can enjoy the wild delightful EP “Götterdämmerung” as the band appears in excellent shape, ready to howl at the moon and eager to conquer a wider audience.

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