Neun Welten – The Sea I’m Diving In

German dark folk band Neun Welten is back with the new music endeavor “The Sea I’m Diving In”. Adding remarkable post rock elements, the band crafts a genuinely melancholic and mysterious collection of songs that inevitably moves the audience.

“Drowning” immediately shines for the poetic composition as Neun Welten creates a compelling melodic palette with minimalist acoustic passages enriched by enchanting violin.

“The Dying Swan” becomes darker with softly passionate vocals and somber melodies that acquire a subtle post rock charisma further embellished by mesmerizing classical violins and gloomy ambiance layers.

“Cursed” amplifies such darkened pathway with no frills emotional piano and acoustic guitars while whispered vocals and radiant violins effortlessly evoke spellbinding atmospheres.

“Lonesome October” is particularly charming featuring some luminous memorable melodies yet everything is filled of magical darkness and again the violin creates memorable lavish harmonies channeling otherworldly romanticism.

On “Human Fail” acoustic guitars lead the way with sorrowful phrases and soothing vocals feel rather catchy lingering over delightfully mystical violin compositions.

The true inner strength of “The Sea I’m Diving In” certainly resides in the sumptuous melodic textures and Neun Welten balances the darkest emotions with the most delicate poetry.


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