Enisum – Seasons Of Desolation

Italian band Enisum has been creating music for several years yet it might still be a new name in the underground metal scene, nevertheless the newest effort “Seasons Of Desolation” is bound to raise interest among atmospheric black metal connoisseurs.

“Autumn Of Melancholy” immediately showcases post-black metal atmospheric nuances with hazy guitar melodies that evoke immense desolation bus soon evolve into a more aggressive guitar riffing & drumming combo reminiscent of old school Nordic black metal.

“…Of Desolation” continues to rely on utterly melancholic guitar melodies that, once again, function as introduction for desperate growls and faster primordial blackened riffing followed by a highly atmospheric shoegaze oriented breakdown.

“Snow Storm” instead unleashes blackened fury at the very beginning and, as expected, the monolithic guitar riffs are surrounded by softer distant melodies so the song’s structure does not really deviate from Enisum’s music formula.

“Dead Star” amplifies a profound melancholy focusing almost exclusively on elegant darkened guitar melodies and accessible mellow female vocals until an urgent crescendo of traditional black metal dynamics becomes suddenly the dominant theme.

“Lake Of Tears” is certainly dramatic with a steady cascade of minimalist gloomy guitar progressions that tend to acquire colder blackened tonalities to temporarily disrupt the introvert melodic flow.

Founder and songwriter Lys has assembled a solid line up that certainly contributed to achieve the confident sound of “Seasons Of Desolation” which might not shine for uniqueness but definitely stays true to its title portraying a heartfelt ensemble of bleak soundscapes.


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