Death Rattle – Volition

New Hampshire based groove/thrash outfit Death Rattle worked hard to independently release the sophomore full length “Volition” which promises a relevant inflamed heavy approach.

“Internal Determination” hits you right in the face as Death Rattle aims to unleash all kinds of heavy guitar riffing and ferocious growls but spices up the whole distorted core with more intriguing well executed guitar leads marching through multiple tempo changes.

“Love And War” continues to rely on brutal grooves and lethal screams while lead guitars again steal the spotlight with a more variegated approach and occasional gloomy melodic tonalities.

“Adrenalize” channels a chaotic rhythm with vocals that feel like hearing multiple voices in the head but as expected the guitar riffs take the role of maintaining a fierce groove bearing a quite somber tone.

With the usual monumental guitar work “Doomsday” has a thick groove that could easily trigger a savage moshpit even if the tempo slows down to favor a darker mood and a fancy guitar solo.

“From Blood To Black” might be the darkest track with pitch-black almost creepy atmospheric vibes. With a crunchy furious style the whole rhythmic instrumentation successfully match the absolute nightmarish scenario and rightfully gives way to a rather compelling lengthy guitar solo.

Overall, “Volition” offers interesting moments and is mainly fueled by fast aggressive guitar driven grooves which might not always be memorable but definitely stay true to Death Rattle’s heavy music pathway.

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