Voids – No Character : No Crown

In the growing chaotic metalcore scene, Maryland based quartet Voids is ready to stand out with the debut album “No Character : No Crown” focusing on an entertaining heavy music formula.

“Dolores” dwells in a realm of obscure guitar tones supported by extremely crunchy and harsh riffing that easily builds a no frills breathless rhythm.

On “Idols” guitars continue to craft steady heavy rhythmic sections but also provide some wild technical twists and tempo variations that introduce more melodic polished patterns amplified by crispy clean vocals.

The beginning of “Tyrant” surprises with soulful guitar phrases soon followed by the main aggressive metalcore approach but that particular melodic theme keeps on returning to add subtle atmospheric quality.

“New Beginnings” keeps a moshpit friendly distorted groove fueled by endless energy and extremely harsh growls in contrast with the combo of easier melodic moments and emotive vocals flowing through solemn atmospheres.

“Déjà vu” is filled with impactful guitar driven grooves that often showcase intense speed and diverse technical accents while vocals deliver the expected metalcore brutality but Voids doesn’t forget to deliver the right amount of soothing melodies with bright atmospheric layers.

On “No Character : No Crown”  Voids is capable of delivering a massive dosage of sheer brutality mixed to a series of more accessible melodic patterns skillfully utilizing popular metalcore elements and keeping a cohesive sonic flow.

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