River Black – River Black

River Black is a new name in the metal/grindcore scene but in reality the band’s line up features former members of Burnt By The Sun and Revocation, therefore the self titled debut album is the product of experienced musicians & songwriters.

As expected “Jaws” is fast and brutal focusing on raw rhythmic energy built by thick guitar riffs but a couple of slower almost introspective breakdowns give you a chance to breath.

With a palpable darker mood “Low” blends fierce thrash style rhythmic grooves and less menacing guitar melodies.

The short string instrumental interlude “River Black” deviates completely from the band’s music formula but serves as a compelling introduction to the massive heavy sonic assault of “South x South” which features additional classical string melodies.

“#Victim” easily triggers headbanging with tight relentless riffing and remarkably punishing drums as the whole instrumentation offers obsessively thrash oriented heavy grooves.

“Haunt” is sincerely darkened with monolithic guitar riffs and surprises with emotional clean vocals and pleasantly softer haunting guitar melodies.

“Everywhere” offers catchy syncopated tempo variations but doesn’t refrain from delivering a reasonable dose of harsh thunderous guitar riffs and offering music diversity with a series of intense post-apocalyptic guitar melodies.

Considering the band’s members past endeavors River Black demonstrates to be capable of crafting fury driven tunes yet some elements, such as vocals, at times might feel monotonous throughout this album which would really appeal to a devotees of extreme metal subgenres.

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