Eshtadur – Mother Gray

Hailing from Colombia Eshtadur is ready to release into the world a genuinely powerful blend of melodic death metal with the latest effort “Mother Gray”.

“Belong To Nowhere” immediately showcases a massive death metal approach with the right dosage of ferocious guitar riffs and brutal guttural growls yet the highlights are to be found in the elegantly somber orchestral layers that evoke epic vibes.

“Cornered At The Earth” starts with intense fury as the rhythmic backbone unleashes fast guitar riffs & drums while melodic guitars channel a darkened atmosphere and symphonic arrangements add a triumphant classical touch.

“Desolation” feels absolutely gloomy with thick bleak atmospheric darkness and melancholic piano melodies that introduce a sharp array of mournful guitar melodies and relentless desperate screams.

With a slower tempo “March Of The Fallen” evokes an overwhelming desolate scenario as sinister atmospheric arrangements set the mood followed by dramatic vocals and funeral doom oriented guitar melodies.

Overall, on “Mother Gray” Eshtadur diligently crafts a high impact guitar driven assault containing all the beloved elements of melodic death metal and renders everything more interesting with the addition of grandiose symphonic details.

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