Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

Among modern metal bands, Australian Ne Obliviscaris have proven to be seriously devoted to the creation of complex fascinating music and the latest full length “Urn” showcases a versatile and visionary songwriting that meticulously blends compelling classical passages, ominous blackened accents and technical prog prowess.

“Libera (Part I) – Saturnine Spheres” opens the album with soft classical nuances that naturally evolve into a diverse ensemble of powerful prog tempo variations carefully built by fast precise drumming and intense eclectic guitar work. Ne Obliviscaris bravely explores an incredible range of music styles resulting in a rather unique composition where guitars deliver both crunchy extreme metal influenced riffing and elegantly polished melodies. The violin will always have a significant role throughout the album and here enhances the melodic aesthetics while the mixture of bright clean vocals and enraged growls amplifies the band’s music duality.

It would be simply impossible to resist the classical enchanting beauty of the evocative violin instrumental piece “Libera (Part II) – Ascent Of Burning Moths”. This short yet highly charismatic track complements the previous part I and delivers a tranquil multitude of ethereal decadent tones.

The brilliant theatrical composition of “Intra Venus” showcases again the band’s passionate music approach and undeniable talent. This is another quite complex track featuring multiple changes of scenario as guitars fervently accelerate the rhythm channeling the extreme depth of black metal but also shine for the excellent technical progressions and melodies matched by impeccable wild violin solos.

On “Eyrie” with magnificent classical beauty graceful violin and acoustic phrases evoke a luminous dreamlike atmosphere accompanied by calm soulful vocals. Such peaceful moment is followed by remarkable obscure growls marching through a heavy guitar driven crescendo that create the expected  dramatic contrast and the song’s variegated textures continue to unfold with an overdose of tight technical prog riffs and somber magical violin melodies.

The heavier enigmatic moments always enhanced by flawless venomous growls continue to have a large presence on “Urn” but it will be very easy to fall desperately in love with the sophisticated classical violin that constantly adds captivating intensity to each song.

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